Oct. 10th, 2009

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I was surfing through the comments of my favorite Twilight recapper -she's reading it so we don't have to AND providing wonderful snarky comments on every chapter, isn't that sweet of her?- and I found this awesome comment that I just had to share.

The user calls themselves Catrys and just to clarify it, I did not not come up with this brilliant idea even though I wish I had.

P.S. I did edit it to add proper capitalization though.

Ok… how about this: Her parents are actually dead and she’s delusional (which she was before, but now in a new way too) and has been imagining them, like she did with edwards voice when she was killing herself.

This explains a fair bit, actually. She obsesses about the Cullens because they are dead (like her parents), a family and are “happy and perfect.” This shows her you can still be happy, even if your family is dead. They also, for all purposes, can’t die and thus will never leave her.

She wants to be a vampire so that she won’t die and go away like her parents, and so she can have a “family” again (Cullens.) Also so she can’t grow “old” a.k.a. close to the age her parents were when they died, which she fears because “that’s the age when people die.”

She can’t bring herself to call Charley “dad” because he’s dead and not actually there. Speaking of which, she has the worst father in the world because he’s not real, and just in her head.On a similar note, her mom only really appears once in the first book, to go “oh, you’re hurt? isn’t that nice… at least you are in capable hands. KAITHXBI!”

Bella’s and Edwards trip to Florida is skipped because there would be no way to avoid complications when she visits her mom’s grave. So she just blocked out the whole thing.

Also, she never calls her mom, nor vise versa ’cause she’s dead.

At the begining of the first book, she’s a bitch to everyone at school, because she’s angery that her parents are dead. Everyone is nice back to her despite this because she’s “the new girl who’s parents just died” and they don’t want to look like jerks.

How much would you love to read this book?


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