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Well that was quite well done. And creepy.

Lol at the awesome music and her question. The boys are so unsure of how to answer it too.

Aww... Poor Bobby. I want to cuddle him to death. Also, I'm kind of craving some Bobby/John fic. I have no idea why.

Dean, you cannot tell someone to stay classy. It just doesn't work that way. See, there you go bribing someone.

*gasps* BOBBY. Shame on you!

LOL @ DEAN'S FACE. This Irish dude is hot. Screw playing cards, Dean and him just need to fuck.

ARGH EW. But at the same time, fucking hilarious! They got a good guy to play him. HE EVEN SOUNDS LIKE DEAN.

I suspect Sam and I are getting the same amount of amusement out of this. Omg, old Dean is so hilarious.

This is the best episode yet! I keep saying that and somehow it keeps being true!

And back to feeling sorry for Bobby. God he's breaking my heart.

I ship this dude with everyone. Pretty and kind of a dick. Just my type. And he's taunting Sammy. Definitely my type.

Oh shit, is Dean going to have a heart attack?

MORE SHIT. And now it's hot, I'm cool with this. Man, he stopped choking Sam way too soon. I want Sam bent over that table completely naked rightnow. UNF THIS IS SO HOT.

Aww... Jared, I love when you make that squinchy face. It's so ugly that it's cute. Right now he's so pretty to me, it's ridiculous.

YAY DEAN IS BACK!!! *huge smiles*

Wow, the two of them are so sad. Poor lady and poor male witch. He does love her. *sniffs*

Wow, thanks for that sexist remark Bobby. I TAKE BACK THINKING I'D NAKED CUDDLE YOU!
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