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Pairing/Characters: Dick/Beaver
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, spoilers VMars 2.17
Disclaimer: I obviously don’t own Veronica Mars.
Summary: Dick wasn't as stupid or as one dimensional as he let everyone believe.
Word Count: 4005
Notes: Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] thepansythug for beta'ing this for me.

Dick wasn't as stupid or as one dimensional as he let everyone believe. And when Beaver slid into the car after school, slamming the door, he didn't say a word. He just drove home, occasionally glancing over at his little brother, who sat staring out the window with his lips twitching the way they always did when he was fighting back tears.

So he left Beaver alone that afternoon, figuring that when the kid wanted to talk he knew where to find his big brother. Dick spent the afternoon poking around in one of his schoolbooks before finally giving up and playing his new PS2 game.

Several hours later, Beaver came in and folded himself next to Dick on the bed. He had a mostly-full bottle of vodka in one hand, and as Dick paused the game, his brother took another swallow, making a face as it went down. Dick gently took the bottle away, making a show of taking a drink before setting it on the bedside table and wrapping an arm around the younger boy.

“I broke up with Mac today,” Beaver whispered, looking way younger, mouth twisting. “She - I thought -”

“I know.” Dick ran his free hand through his hair. “They always seem like they're different. Then you find out they aren't.”

Beaver moved his head closer, his spiked hair brushing against Dick's face.

“Did it hurt like this when Madison broke up with you?”

“Yeah.” Dick looked away, not wanting to admit it. “I really liked her, even if she was a bitch.”

Then Beaver was kissing him, tasting of alcohol and peppermint. He obviously still hadn't gotten over the habit of sucking on candy when he drank. Dick let him take control - laid back and let his brother run his fingers through his hair, through the gunk keeping it in place.

Beaver's hands were everywhere, and they ended up under Dick's shirt, rubbing his nipples. Dick couldn't help but whimper. He clutched onto Beaver's hips, doing his best to thrust against him through the layers of clothing, then finally lost his patience and flipped Beaver over, sitting up and tugging off Beaver's clothing. His little brother lay there panting, already looking thoroughly taken advantage of.

After what seemed like forever Beaver finally seemed to realize that he could help. His thin fingers fumbled at Dick's belt and it didn't take long until they were both naked. When Dick moved back onto the bed and up over Beaver, their cocks brushed, and Beaver let out a strangled noise. His hands went to Dick's shoulders and his hips thrust up almost desperately, his head thrown back.

Dick ran his fingers through the thatch of curls that Beaver was so proud of, and his brother arched into the touch, whining. Dick wasn't quite sure why he liked all that hair; he kept his own as short as possible because it just looked sexier. Beaver smiled up at him, probably for the first time all day, looking so relaxed and happy that it made Dick's heart twist. He covered it by burying his face in Beaver's shoulder, thrusting against him until sparks cluttered against his closed eyes.

He was close in no time at all, embarrassingly fast even for him, and it wasn't until his brother whined out a 'no' that he finally registered that Beaver was trying to push him away. He stopped abruptly and they both let out identical groans.
Dick sat back and glared at Beaver. “This had bet - ”

“Shut up, Dick.” Beaver bit his lip, looking drunk and disheveled and barely concerned that Dick was ready to strangle him. “I want you to fuck me. Please, I know you want to.”

And then Dick's brain just quit on him. He stared at Beaver, wondering for a brief second if he was drunker then he'd thought. Then he realized that even drunk, there was no way he'd imagine his brother asking him for sex.

“For real?” was all he managed to get out, and Beaver looked...exasperated. And Dick totally gave himself points for remembering that word. He was pushed out of the way as Beaver sat up, moving out from under him, and he made a frustrated noise.

“God, you are such a baby.” Beaver rolled his eyes.

Dick poked him. “Yeah, whatever. At least I'm not a girl.”

Beaver stuck his tongue out as he went over to Dick's dresser and rummaged around in the top drawer. He pulled out a condom, then moved some socks around until he found the lube that was pushed farther back. Staring at the bottle a second, he looked like he thought he was hallucinating.

“Dude, is this strawberry-kiwi flavored?”

Dick groaned, falling back onto the bed. “Madison bought it and I just kept it. It tastes like fucking candy, I couldn't help it.”

Beaver grinned at him, eyes crinkling up. He opened the bottle and sniffed it before pouring a little on his fingers. “I bet you keep it just so you can taste it every day. Do you snack on lube, Dickie?”

Dick made a face as his little brother practically skipped over to him, his smile so big that he almost didn't look like himself. He grabbed Beaver's hand in retaliation and sucked the fingers into his mouth, grinning as Beaver tipped his head back, moaning. Letting them go, he ran his tongue up a finger teasingly and suddenly Beaver was on top of him, thrusting against his hip and gasping into his shoulder.

He was going to tell him to slow down, but one look at Beaver's flushed cheeks and eyes screwed shut, and couldn't help himself. Running his hands through Beaver's hair, he pressed his lips close to the younger boy's ear.

“I'm gonna make you feel so good,” he murmured, stroking his thumb over the nape of Beaver's neck. “Gonna fuck you so hard you'll see stars. But first I'm gonna suck you off, lick you everywhere, make you forget your own name. You can do whatever you want to, fuck my mouth, pull my hair, call me dirty names. It's all about what you want.”

He drank in the sounds Beaver was making, little noises half muffled by skin. Beav was shaking, hands clutching Dick's shoulder, and Dick smiled smugly as his brother suddenly stiffened, moaning against his shoulder as he came.

“Oh yeah, I'm so the sex god.” Dick couldn't help his grin.

It disappeared when Beaver sat up, his cheeks stained red and his hands doing that weird twisting thing they did when he was upset. His eyes darted around and Dick swallowed, hating the lump of guilt that formed in his throat.

“You're such an asshole,” his brother hissed, finally looking at him, eyes shiny with tears he was once again trying to hold back. “Why do you always have to - ”

Dick quickly shoved his hand over Beaver's mouth, tugging him into a hug. He made a face that Beaver couldn't see at the feeling of cum squishing in between them.

“I'm sorry.” If there was anything he knew how to do, it was calm people down that he pissed off in bed. “I wasn't trying to be a jerk, I fucking swear. You were just making these sexy ass noises and I wanted to make you come, that's all. I figured you're just a kid and we'd still be good to go.”

He held his breath as Beaver froze, and thought he'd screwed it up until Beaver made a choking noise. He nearly collapsed in relief when the other boy pulled back, eyes crinkling as he laughed.

“You are fucking terrible at apologies,” Beaver snorted, shaking his head. “Christ, how are we even related?”

“Shut up,” he muttered, poking Beaver in the ribs. “I'm not the one who thought I was being mean because I made you come.”

“You, be mean?” Beaver grinned at him. “You're right, I have no reason at all to assume that you would do anything just to be a jerk.”

Dick just rolled his eyes, grabbing Beaver's hair so he could pull him down and kiss him. They stayed that way for a couple of minutes, Dick just enjoying the way Beaver's breath caught when he sucked on his tongue. He might not have been good at a lot of things, or smart like Beaver, but he knew how to kiss good, and the fact that he could make Beaver go all relaxed just by kissing him was fucking awesome.

He wrapped his arms around Beaver's much smaller frame and flipped them both over, snickering at Beaver's surprised yelp.

Beaver wriggled until he was comfortable, and Dick nipped at his neck until he whined out a protest, tugging away and making a face at his older brother. “I think the lube got lost,” he announced, attempting to look around Dick's shoulder.

Dick moved, scrounging around in the blankets to find it hidden in a fold. He held it up triumphantly. “Score!”

“So...” Beaver chewed on his lip for a second before nodding at Dick. “It's a bit clichéd or whatever but we're gonna do the working up to three fingers thing as prep, ok?”

Dick stared at him blankly for a second.

“Yeah... I don't know what the hell you're talking about. All you have to do is slap the stuff on your dick and you're good to go. I've done this before, I'm not some ass virgin.”

Beaver's alarmed face was hilarious, and Dick would have been tempted to laugh if he hadn't been sure that it would probably end up with him not getting laid.

“I don't even want to know who you did that with, but I think you should send her diamonds or something else really nice. Christ, no wonder chicks hate you.”

“Hey!” Dick protested. “She totally loved it! The ladies always love Dick's dick.”

“That's just fucking disturbing,” Beaver told him, a second after Dick realized that probably wasn't the thing to say to your little brother when trying to fuck him. “And I'm not that kind of boy. Fingers or nothing, that's how I roll.”

When Dick pouted at him and it did nothing, he figured he might as well give in and do what Beaver wanted. Whatever the fuck that was.

“So...” he trailed off, not really wanting to admit he didn't know what was going on. “One, two, three huh.”

Beaver sighed in a way that Dick knew meant he was thinking it was lucky he was the smart one, and nodded. “You put the lube on your finger and you know, stick that inside and then once that feels ok you add another and then another. It's pretty basic stuff here Dick.”

By the time he was done, Dick was shaking his head no, looking horrified. “You want me to put my fingers inside there? No way dude. No fucking way.”

Beaver's mouth worked for a second, and then he shrugged. “How about if you used a glove? You know, like a medical glove. Would that be enough to soothe your delicate sensibilities?”

“Fuck you,” Dick responded automatically before adding, “I knew it, you're a total freak in bed. You look all innocent and shit but you own fucking syringes, don't you? Because you have a weird doctor thing.”

“That's not a no.”

“I guess I could deal with that. But you have to call me Dr. Dick.”

“Shut up, you weirdo.” Beaver threw the lube at him and Dick caught it easily. “I'll be right back okay?”

“Don't forget your stethoscope.”

Dick laughed as Beaver threw his shirt at him, before literally hopping into his boxers and dashing out. He waited about three seconds before pouring a little of the lube out onto a finger and sucking it off. Nervous, he capped it hastily and sat tapping his fingers on the bottle until Beaver appeared in the doorway, a couple of minutes later, waving the gloves like weird latex flags.

“What, are you waving goodbye to a ship or something?”

“Where do you store the random information you just seem to know?”

Dick wiggled his hips at Beaver, his dick moving like it was nodding. He snickered as his brother just shook his head. The only warning Dick got before Beaver pounced was a brief smile, and then Beaver was on top on him. They wrestled for a couple of minutes, and Dick let Beaver have the upper hand a couple of times before pinning him, enjoying Beaver's breathless laughter and flushed cheeks.

He snuck in a kiss that dissolved into making out, with their tongues sliding against each other and Beaver's hands running through Dick's hair. Grabbing the gloves from where they'd fallen on the bed, Dick sat up and snapped them on, giving Beaver a mock serious look.

“Okay then, I'll need you to relax, this will only hurt a little,” he said, trying for serious and doctor-y and cracking up halfway through.

Beaver's smile back was mostly nervous, and his hands twitched up for a second before clearly being forced back down beside him.

“If you could make it not hurt it at all that would be nice,” he said, craning his head up to look down at what Dick might be doing with his hands.

“Beaver,” Dick started, suddenly feeling more older brother-ish - which was weird since this seemed kinda like the wrong time to feel that. “For fuck's sake, lay back and close your eyes. I'm gonna do exactly what you said and you need to fucking relax.”

Beaver opened his mouth like he was going to argue and then very obviously decided not to. He gripped the covers for a second, and then laid his head back, his eyes flickering up to Dick's before sliding shut. It took a few seconds or more before he relaxed, taking deep, even breaths, his fingers prying themselves off the blanket.

Dick reached over to grab the bottle, opening the cap slowly so that Beaver wouldn't hear it. He poured some on his fingers and rubbed at it with his thumb, so it wasn't cold. He couldn't really reach where he needed to be, so he spread Beaver's legs a little more, rubbing his thigh with the hand that didn't have lube on it as Beaver tensed and relaxed.

He tentatively placed his fingers against Beaver's... well, his hole, just resting it there as Beaver sucked in a breath, his whole body shuddering. Dick stroked it softly, and was startled as Beaver moaned, his lips falling open.

It must actually feel good, which was something Dick hadn't thought would happen, and he did it again, just to make Beaver make that noise again. He wasn't sure how to go about putting it inside - did he just shove it in there or what?

Deciding it was better to be all nice about this, he slid in just the tip, up to the first knuckle. Beaver sucked in a breath and Dick froze, not sure if he should go on or stop completely. He didn't even get time to decide as Beaver pushed back, his finger slipping further inside.

Christ it was tight too. He was trying to make this more about Beaver but he could already picture being inside there and by the way it was gripping his finger it was going to feel like he'd died and gone to heaven.

He wasn't quite sure exactly how to do this prepping thing and after a second of thought, he decided it was probably like fingering a girl. So he went with what he knew girls liked, deciding not to tell Beaver anything about using that knowledge for this.

He pumped his finger in and out and was rewarded as Beaver writhed and moaned loudly. Encouraged, he sped up, watching amazed as Beaver responded. This was going to be the best night ever. Something Beaver would never forget.

“Add another finger,” Beaver ordered, his voice a breathless gasp. “And add more lube, don't forget that.”

It was probably lucky that Beaver knew he totally would forget that. Otherwise it would kill the mood and Dick was actually starting to enjoy this whole prep thing. He was super careful, and after a little bit of maneuvering and a few seconds of not believing this would work, there were two fingers in there.

He didn't think it could get more awesome, but Beaver was acting like his fingers were magic, making the sexiest little sound every time he pushed in. Dick couldn't take his eyes off the way Beav was moving his hips, up and back and up and back; it was hypnotizing and he was so hard it was starting to hurt.

“I want...” Beaver bit his lip, looking embarrassed and also like the hottest thing Dick had ever seen. “I know I said earlier... Anyways... If we're careful we can skip...”

Dick raised his eyebrows and just to be mean, wiggled his fingers inside Beaver, feeling pleased as his brother trailed off again, this time into a gasp.

“You were saying?” he asked as he did it again, unable to keep from smirking as Beaver twisted his hands into his hair and moaned loudly.

“More...” Beaver gritted out. “Oh god, skip the fucking third finger and please, just fuck me.”

Dick swore his cock actually jumped at those words. He pulled his fingers out as fast as he could, fighting back a smug grin as Beaver whined. The gloves were off in a second and he flung them halfway across the room.

“I know you have condoms in that drawer.” Beaver was leaning across the bed and towards the drawer before Dick could protest. Not that that was going to stop him.

“A condom? C'mon...” he complained, making his face as pathetic as possible.

“You know it.” Beaver picked one out and slithered back. He ripped it open and rolled it on quickly before Dick could really form some sort of argument. An argument that would pretty much just have been But it doesn't feel as good. Beaver probably wouldn't have bought it.

Anyways, it didn't matter. If he had to wear a stupid condom to make Beaver happy he totally would. And then later he could bring it up to remind Beaver that he was the awesomest person in the world.

He slicked himself up a bit more and suddenly he was nervous. Beaver looked fine, just wriggling impatiently, and Dick took a deep breath, telling himself that even if he messed up, it was Beaver and one of Beaver's thing was that he pretty much always forgave his big brother.

Nudging Beaver's legs apart, he guided his dick into place, taking a deep breath before slowly pushing inside. He watched Beaver to make sure it was all okay but he couldn't shut off how fucking good it felt. It was hot and tight and for right now his entire world was inside Beaver.

He went as slow as possible, and Beaver gasped, his eyes sliding shut over and over as he tried to keep them open. It clearly didn't hurt, and from the way Beaver looked, it even felt good. Dick peeked down to see his cock sliding inside, and it was lucky the condom dulled the sensation because it was probably the hottest thing he'd ever seen.

He had to stop once he was fully inside, unable to catch his breath. Beaver was already making eager little movements with his hips, wrapping his legs around Dick and clearly doing his best to make sure this only lasted about five minutes.

Bracing himself on his forearms, Dick made his first thrust slow just to watch as Beaver's face went slack. Both of them groaned together. He wondered, as he did it over and over, if he should feel guilty for having wanted this for so long and how it felt like the best thing he was ever going to have.

He began fucking in earnest, the sound of skin hitting skin and Beaver's moans at each thrust filling the air. He buried his head in Beaver's shoulder, biting and sucking just to listen to how it changed the way he moaned.

Beaver had his hand in between them and Dick could feel his knuckles brushing up against his belly as he jacked himself off. He thought about reaching down and helping but it was kind of hot and he liked watching Beaver's face twist up.

He could feel himself getting closer and forced himself to slow down, make this last longer, but all it did was make Beaver urge him to go faster, with legs and hips and hands. His mouth fell open as Beaver thrust back and he was unable to hold it back any more, crying out into Beaver's skin as his orgasm took hold.

It felt like it lasted forever and not long enough and as the intenseness faded, he felt embarrassed. Fuck it all, this was supposed to be about Beaver, and he wasn't going to be able to keep fucking him with a condom full of jizz and just fuck.

Then he had the most brilliant idea ever and he grinned as he slid out, putting his hand over Beaver's mouth as his brother whined at him.

“Shut up, I'm not done,” he assured him before deftly pulling off the condom and tying it off. He threw it somewhere, ignoring Beaver's little noise of protest.

Then he slithered down, resting on his stomach as he sucked as much of Beaver into his mouth as he could. Beaver made the most awesome surprised, turned-on sound ever, and his hips jerked up. Dick almost choked but managed to suppress his gag reflex.

He licked and sucked and touched everywhere he could reach. He didn't usually like doing this but after what was the best experience ever for him, he figured it was the least he could do. It seemed to be working, too - Beaver was whimpering and tugging lightly at Dick's hair as he twitched upwards into Dick's mouth.

Dick felt a little smug as Beaver's moans took on a choked tone. His fingers curled and pulled as he stiffened up, and the muscles of his legs were corded on either side of Dick's head. He came a second later, going silent as he froze, his dick pulsing as Dick worked a hand over it. It wasn't until Beaver sucked in a deep breath, his body going limp, that Dick finally swallowed his mouthful and let go, immediately reaching for the alcohol to drown out the taste.

Beaver laughed weakly, still trying to breathe normally, as Dick swished the vodka around in his mouth quickly before drinking it down, then tipped the bottle to take a second drink. He capped it and threw it back on the floor, then climbed back into the bed and flopped down next to Beaver.

After about thirty seconds he looked over at Beaver out of the corner of his eye.

“So was it good for you?” he asked with a teasing grin.

Beaver nodded a little too quickly and gave him a wide smile. “Yeah, I had no idea it could feel that good.”

Which was a weird way to put it but whatever.

“It's because I'm fucking awesome.” Dick laughed as Beaver lightly punched his ribs and then rolled over on his side, resting his head on Dick's shoulder. Beaver wasn't usually very cuddly. Dick started playing with his brother's hair.

“I wish it could be like this forever,” Beaver said, and Dick silently agreed.

“Well, it will be for at least another year because there's no way I'm getting into college next year.”

Beaver laughed and then abruptly went silent. Dick watched his brother quietly, trying to think of something to say.

They lay still for a long moment. Finally, Beaver's lips pressed tightly together and then formed a forced smile. “Well, another year is better then nothing."

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Date: 2010-03-12 09:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pikapika217.livejournal.com
this was so interesting! I really like their dialogue.

(no subject)

Date: 2010-03-12 09:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flwrpwr-vampyre.livejournal.com
Thank you so much! I really worked on that so I'm glad it turned out so good!

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Date: 2010-03-12 09:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lexalicious70.livejournal.com

Oh, this.

I waited all DAY to read it and it was SO worth the wait. I'm favoriting this so I can read it about a billion times.

My favorite line?

"Okay, but you have to call me Dr. Dick."

I heard that SO clearly! Fantastic!

Sex hot. Sex VERY hot. And I love how you started this, with Cassidy seeking out his brother for comfort, and how different their relationship was behind closed doors. <3

Thank you so much for sharing this! So much win!

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Date: 2010-03-12 10:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flwrpwr-vampyre.livejournal.com
*claps delightedly* Oh god, that whole bit with the doctor thing. Dick kept making me crack up so hard. I swear, he was writing himself, I had nothing to do with it.

I'm so glad you love it! And the favoriting! *loves*

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Date: 2010-03-13 05:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] force-oblique.livejournal.com
Hehe that was very nicely written even though I am not much for slash! <3

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Date: 2010-03-13 06:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flwrpwr-vampyre.livejournal.com
Thanks so much! I love that you read my stories even though you don't like slash. :D


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