May. 4th, 2009

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I finally am stopping the Twitter posts and figure I should just do real posts at the end of the day. Regardless of how interesting my day was.

This past week has been difficult. On Monday Davin pulled just boiled water down on himself. We spent most of the night in the ER and were taken to the burn unit at a hospital three hours away where we stayed until Friday. He's doing ok, it wasn't that bad, only second degrees on six percent of his body. He had to have a xenograft done, which is pig skin, it forms a sort of 'living' bandage and it's coming off as the skin underneath it heals.

He is healing fantastically and getting back to his normal self. He does want to be held a bit more and refusing almost all food but otherwise he's still cheerful and giggly and just wants to be outside. Which sucks because he's not allowed outside until the scar on his jaw and neck heal and can have sunscreen put on him. He has to have sunscreen on him at all times for the next year because sun damage on a scar never lightens.

So I'll be posting updates to let anyone who cares know how he's doing over the next few weeks. And we're looking for a new place to rent so there will probably be updates on that too.
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And now I find out Dollhouse got cancelled. God fucking dammit.


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