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This went from sweet to horribly creepy just like that. OH THAT'S JUST FUCKED UP.

Oh my god show, we get it, that was awful. We don't need more mental images.

Unattached Drifter Christmas. I find that very amusing.

I'm trying to figure out which of the four horsemen this is.

Dean, your humor needs some work.

LOL! That was adorable. Castiel just showing up and being all awkward. Ah, so not one of the four horsemen after all. This is cool.

Oh my god, it's super creepy angel. Also naked. "This is their handshake." "I don't like it." "No-one likes it."

AWWW Poor bb!Cupid. Way to throw Cas under the very naked bus, Dean. The Cupid is adorable yo. I want one. Oh ouch, Cupid. Dean, you don't go hitting a Cupid. It's just not done!

Sammy! Oh good, I was really worried about him drinking that.

LOL at them talking in sync.

Aww, Cas is all ashamed at being hungry.

This is seriously not good. Also, I was betting on Death. For the record. I like what they're doing for him. This is pretty cool. Oh cute Demon, you are so going to die. Well that's a shame for him.

Oh Sammy, poor baby. Jared really sells it with his eyes. He's totally a giant though, even all curled up like that.

I could watch Castiel eat all day. It's sexylicious.

Oh shit! This is not good for Sammy. Damn! Poor baby.

I want to specify I meant COOKED food. That was fucking nasty.

Dean is blank? Wtf. Man, the acting this episode. Jensen's face. He just sells it. Nice, they're total opposites.

Dude, Famine is creepy. I got chills all fucking over from him. And Sammy, oh my god. That was brilliant.

And now back to detox, that sucks. Poor baby. He has the worst luck.

*wipes eyes* Oh Dean. Oh my poor babies.
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