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Apr. 16th, 2010 08:29 pm
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Now that I finally realized I was watching the wrong episode I am watching the right one.

And bad acting Sam is fucking adorable. I just want to make him pancakes and stuff. "I would love to have the sex with you." OMG WUT. *glees like a lot*

I like this episode already, what with the babysitter and her kid. Poor Katie. Those scars are going to suck.

Here we go, creepy teenage boy. That salad cup is awesome. I want one right now. And way to break my heart Sam. Well that kid is looking at Sam like a creeper. Or like a fangirl. One of the two. *grin*

And now Sam in his body! Oh this is going to be brilliant. HAHAHAHA. I am dying. This is so fabulous. Awww, this kid is so cute. For a little creeper. More awww. Him being all gleeful about driving is adorable. ALSO HE'S LEGAL SO DON'T YOU JUDGE ME.

HAHA SASQUATCH. Aww, he's a NERD. An evil nerd but nonetheless, we'd all have done this. I love Sam being a teenager. That's right Sam, you tell him. Oh this poor kid, no wonder he switched.

Oh this girl, she is all over. She was just in Glee.

LOL HALO REFERENCE. This kid is so cute! Look at how eager he is for Dean to approve. And then he goes to kill him? What? Oh this is very bad. Very very bad. AND LOL AGAIN.

And shit, I guess his friends are in on it. He's mini-Dean! Mini nerd Dean. This is so ridiculous cute that it hurts. I can't stop awwing. He's just so cute. What with his happiness at the bread. LOL

HO DAMN LOOK AT HER. Slice me off a piece of that.

Good on ya Nora. Aww she has a crush on Gary. I bet she does, he's cute like kittens. TREV DO NOT KILL HER. Trev, you are a total idiot for even thinking that summoning a demon is a good idea.

That's totally a stuffed pillow person. Gary is not smart. Ow indeed.

Well shit. This is very much so not good. This girl does creepy very well. Yep Trev, that's why you don't fuck with demons. And now you're going to die. I don't even feel sorry for him.

That's right Gary, you need to make the smart choice. Good job, you're not a total idiot, unlike Trev. LOL at him correcting Dean.

Awww sadface for Gary. He's so pitiful. I think it's time for cuddles and pancakes. Go Sammy, way to tell it! Now Gary, go let Nora make you feel all better.

I love episodes like this. A happy ending is had by all. Except for Trev but no-one liked him anyways.


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