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So it's been a while since I've been able to watch the show, the last episode I saw kind of traumatized me. So yeah, finally able to watch it again, I hope the show improves.

Man, seeing a monster would suck if you were already crazy. Poor woman. Oh man, I forgot how really scary this show is. The screws unscrewing themselves are horrifying. Awww, poor dead Susan.

LOL Oh the boys' faces are great. Sammy's going to tell the truth to prove his crazy. Oh that's great. HIS NAME'S CASTIEL, HE WEARS A TRENCHCOAT.

Oh my god, Sammy. He does not want to take down his pants. Oh poor boys. But how many fics have been written about the thoroughness of that nurse? I need to find them stat.

Hey, they seem to know this patient. I like him. I am looking forward to group therapy. CO-DEPENDENT INDEED DOCTOR. Man, I feel for all these people.

Dean Dean Dean. You should not hit on a woman who thinks your brain isn't working. Oh Dr. IDon'tRememberYourName, his daddy issues are off the CHARTS. Dean, I do not approve of your smashed up word! Consider this your first warning.

Oh no! Not Ted!

Goddamn Jared, your arms are HUGE. *shoves away fantasies of gripping them* OH EW DON'T PUT THAT IN THERE. Oh, that's even worse. I did not want to see his brain. GROSS.

Hee, I like this nurse. She looks a little like Felicia Day. LOL DEAN. Pudding indeed. Also the noises of it flopping were hilarious.

I want to make bets on who the wraith is but I'm crap at that. So I'm keeping my guesses to myself. I like this Doctor and want to let Dean know that I call dibs. So there Dean. She goes right to the heart of the matter.


Lol lady, you got the best job.

Oh damn, it changed. Way to make them look crazier, Wraith. Damn, Sammy on drugs is hot. I want to take terrible advantage of him. Dean, get on that.

Doctor Sexy, why so mean? Oh my god what? Dean is seeing things?! Well that's not good. That's way less than good. Is he getting drugged?

Sammy you break my heart. Oh Doctor, you did not just go there. !!! He keeps saying terrible things to my Sammy. *is suddenly a Sam!girl* Is there such a thing as a brother!girl? Because I think I'm that. I don't want to pick, I love them both.

*is alarmed* What the shit. Is the wraith fucking with their brains? However Sammy fighting by himself is terrible amusing.

I am cracking up at Dean. He's so jumpy and cute. It's Wendy?! Noooo!!! Lol

Haha, my bet was totally right! Yay! Wendy is alive! Also I still like the nurse, even if she is evil. She's a cute evil. She's extra cute evil. Goddamn, her licking her fingers is ridiculously hot.

That claw thing is awfully phallic. Poor Wraith. I feel very bad for her.

Lol, them fleeing is great.

Sammy is breaking my heart again. Goddamn Jared, standing there, being all hulking and sad. Please come live with me, I'll make you pancakes and everything. Dean, your advice is bad and is going to turn Sam into Lucifer. I'm just sayin'.

Ok, I'm in. I want more. Way to suck me back show. :D

Usual warnings apply, I haven't seen past this episode, please don't spoil me, thank you!
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