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I honestly can't remember who linked me to the site but I thought it looked like an amazing idea as soon as I saw it. Nail polish chips really easily on me, not to mention I get scent headaches so nail polish remover is something I really try and avoid.

Since they're a little expensive - $9*/bottle - I bought the three pack of smaller bottles for $14. So I got the pastel trio because I like light colors. I also got their top coat.

I ordered them on Tuesday - April 6th - and then waited for a shipping confirmation email that never came. I was just starting to get annoyed yesterday - Friday, April 10 - when they arrived.

Here's a picture I took so you can see what they look like.

In order it's the top coat, Blush, Haze and Shadow.

I tried Shadow first, two coats and then the top coat. It was very pale, looked more like a sheer pink than the solid color I was expecting but I really think that was user error because I did very thin layers. It started peeling at the tips on a couple nails about an hour after I put it on and I was a little upset that I'd wasted my money if it was going to peel so easy.

So I peeled it all off - which was great fun! :D - and decided to try again.

This time I used Haze and I did two much thicker coats, waiting ten minutes after each layer and then used a regular top coat (Avon UV Gloss Guard, for the curious). I will say that the color goes on a little streaky but after I put on the top coat you couldn't tell at all so I would definitely recommend using one. It doesn't take ten minutes to dry, fyi, it was dry after two, but I wanted to be on the safe side and that's why I waited so long.

Just as a tip, I also swiped the top coat across the tip of my nail so that my nails hitting the keyboard wouldn't cause the polish to start peeling.

So far it's worked fantastically. I've got a little chip on one of my thumbnails and one of my pointers started peeling a little but I immediately re-swiped the top coat over it again and it's been just fine.

Here's a picture of it on my nails so you can see what it looks like when applied.

Now you're not supposed to put your hands in hot water for at least three hours after you apply it and the back of the container mentions that hot water will weaken the polish around the tip of the nail. I haven't taken a shower yet though so I have no idea how it will actually affect its staying power.

It's also a "green" product. It's water-based and DBP, toluene and formaldehyde free so kids and pregnant people can wear it without worry. Also the bottles are recyclable which is something I think is pretty cool.

So there you go, unless something drastic happens to change my mind I'm definitely going to be buying more colors and I'm lucky because there's a store that sells it in the St. Louis Galleria. So yeah, no more shipping costs. (For those of you who live overseas, Sula mentions that you can email them and see about them shipping it to you.)


I'm going to see how long it will last until I can't resist peeling them and I'll update with a video so you can see exactly what that looks like.


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